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H and H Bagels


Better than the legendary H&H Bagels?

H&H Bagels has a worldwide reputation as the most notorious and popular NY Bagels established in 1972. They grew into one of the Biggest NY Bagel producers in the world. There are numerous rumors on why they closed their 2 locations.

Too Big too fast?

The quality of H & H started to deteriorate as they grew too large, too quick. They didn’t take the same time & effort to make each bagel that they were known for in the past. Many New Yorkers thought that they slowly lost their taste as they expanded their product and brand too quickly and streamlined the product to a point where the taste & quality deteriorated.

No need to worry though because we have the solution!

The original two stores closed. But not to worry, we have something better! Many say that BestNewYorkBagel.com is H & H Bagels reincarnated. Personally we think that our bagels are better than H & H even in their prime years back. So where can you get that same Authentic NY Bagel taste? Well I can tell you that the NY Bagels that are 2nd to none including the old H & H Bagels can sent to your door in 1-2 days! Each bagel is hand crafted & Kettle Boiled. They are just as crispy on the outside & soft in the middle. BestNewYorkBagel.com can top H&H Bagels and we know you won't be disappointed!

BestNewYorkBagel.com offers other authentic NY Baked products as well such as:

NY Mini Bagels

NY Flagels (AKA Flat Bagels)

NY Bialys

They are 100% kosher!

What makes these NY Bagels different than other bagels?

1- These are hand crafted Kettle Boiled & then baked.

2- Unique water source.

This is the most important part of a New York Bagel! The authentic NY Bagel Taste that can only be provided by the water that we have here in New York. Not many other Bagel places take the extra time & resources to Kettle Boil. But that is what makes a New York Bagel a New York Bagel.

Don't take our word for it. Check out the great reviews of our NY Bagels. Read these reviews for our past and recurring customers.


Posted by Dr. Doug Goetz on 9th Oct 2012

Needed a goodly number of bagels for a work weekend -- shipped to a remote location. NY Bagels came through -- AGAIN -- with speedy delivery and SUPERB BAGELS!!!


Great Bagels 

Posted by Sean on 4th May 2013

Bagels were delivered to Syracuse, NY quickly. All bagels were still fresh and taste delicious. I will be ordering again in the future. Great overall experience.


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